About us

Meet out team

Vensight Media is a globally renowned media and production company. Through our three specialist brands we work with organisations looking to make a positive impact in the world, from institutions like the UN and World Bank and organisations focussed on development including BRAC and Medicins sans Frontiers, through to broadcasters like the BBC and policy-focussed organisations and research institutions like the IFS and Yale.

Our brands offer specialist support to help experts and organisations in three distinct ways:

Helping organisations to communicate their ideas and work through the design and production of short-form films and videos including explainers, documentaries and animations.

Helping organisations to empower their people and stakeholders by designing and producing effective courses and learning content.

Helping organisations and experts communicate their ideas through entertainment, including broadcast documentaries, dramas and features.

All Vensight Media brands share the same ethos, mission and values and continue to help organisations working in policy, research and education. Our work is driven by our team’s expert knowledge and passion for these subjects.

Communicating big ideas or important research effectively is vitally important for our clients looking to connect with audiences from policy-maker and academics to senior stakeholders and the wider public. To do this, we have to balance being clear and accessible, while also being rigorous and accurate. As we are looking to drive action, it is also important that we are also engaging, moving and even surprising.

We take this responsibility seriously and it is a privilege to be trusted by our clients to share their work. As an organisation we have recently taken time to reflect and re-focus our mission and values to reflect the importance of the work our clients are doing.


To help experts and organisations to amplify their ideas in a way that is accessible and inspiring, challenging perceptions and empowering their audiences. Putting this simply our mission is to: Amplify ideas, Challenge perceptions, Empower people.


These are the values that inform our work and everything we do, across all our brands.

  • Create impact we can be proud of. We work with people and organisations who are looking to have a positive impact on the world
  • Be clear. To have impact there can be no confusion. The work must be accessible
  • Be rigorous and accurate. The work we do for our partners and clients is hugely important. It is essential their work is represented accurately and faithfully
  • Think audience and solutions. In order to have real impact we put the audience and presenting solutions to their challenges, at the centre of the work we do
  • Take responsibility. We all take responsibility for the quality of the work and for our clients
  • Be considerate, courteous and compassionate. Always and to everyone

Our team are always excited to help with new challenges, whether it’s communicating a new piece of research, showcasing the work of your organisation or helping you to change policy . We share your passion for these subjects and your dedication to make things better.

Please get in touch if you have something you want to share. We’d love to help you make a difference.